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<strong>Contact the part-time financial director or CFO co-ordinator</strong>

Part-time financial director or CFO


Small and medium sized enterprises and high potential start ups require an experienced professional to guide financial strategy, provide business direction and complete a high performance management team.

Yet SMEs and HPSUs often lack the wherewithal to retain a full time CFO or financial director

CAIM part-time financial directors and CFOs will bridge this gap and help to realise the full growth potential of the business.

Choose a part-time financial director or CFO

CAIM people have the necessary skills and experience

CAIM part-time financial directors and CFOs are men and women with proven, deep experience in strategic and financial decision-making, delivering financial strategy guidance and realising the overall business growth objectives.

You get experienced finance professionals to execute key business functions:

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Professionalising the finance function
  • Raising funds
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Growth and profit improvement

Professionalise your finance function

Only experienced people can deliver a professional finance function, transforming a mere compliance centre to a strategic planning and reporting unit. This will deliver the growth required to meet the expectations of founders and shareholders.

Acquire a key member of your senior management team

A business without an experienced financial professional available is missing a key profit ingredient – proper analysis of performance, knowledge of options for improvement and awareness of risks and pitfalls.

Running the day-to-day operation of the finance function is an added bonus.

Create and implement your strategic plan

Working with your leadership team, your CAIM part-time financial professional will help you formulate your strategic plan and manage the process from end to end. This includes providing models for financial forecasting and scenario testing, setting milestones, plus ranking and rating proposed projects. Critical success factors and key performance indicators will be worked out with you to guide implementation and manage the strategy. You will have professional help with the people side of the changes necessary to achieve your objectives.

Raise the necessary funding for your plan

Working with your company, your CAIM part-tme financial professional will assess your funding requirement, identify the various funding options across traditional, alternative, government, and tax incentives available to SMEs, and recommend the most suitable solution to you. They will help with the application process and the actual engagement to ensure that your company is successful in raising the necessary funding.

You can be introduced as required to the most suitable source – venture capital, private equity, state funding, asset finance, peer-to-peer lenders or banks.

Choose a part-time financial director or CFO

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