Contact the interim CEO or GM co-ordinators

<strong>Contact the interim CEO or GM co-ordinators</strong>
  • Denis Reeves

Interim chief executive and general manager


Finding a suitable CEO/GM is time consuming.

During a crisis or an urgent transition, time is a resource businesses cannot waste. We at the CEO/GM group have a talented pool of experienced executives available at short notice.

Choose an interim CEO or general manager

These dynamic and often crisis situations require immediate action. Immediate action to cover an unexpected vacancy, or take advantage of an opportunity at very short notice.

Select an interim CEO or GM

The interim CEO/GM group, without exception, have attained director level experience to safely manage crises, make decisions, and produce immediate impact.

Interim CEO/GMs thrive in these dynamic environments and are chosen for their experience, expertise, and track record as business leaders. They bring a ‘been there, done that’ mindset.

Typically, after a crisis stabilisation phase, interim CEO/GMs are well positioned to assess the strategic and operational environment for bigger opportunities, while mitigating downside risks.

Each interim CEO/GM has  over 20 years’ experience as a senior executive. Interim CEO/GMs bring value in operational excellence, investor relations, internal mentoring, capacity building and stakeholder management to the boardroom.

Assignments vary from yearlong engagements to fixed time assignments. For immediate response contact our CEO/GM coordinators.

Interim CEO/GMs are committed to their interim roles and do not compete with traditional professional practices.

Remarkable value created…

Mediated and resolved multi-million euro, multiple investor crisis of confidence.

Saved and renewed antiquated business model; not-for-profit sector.

Restructured market leader, effected guidelines solidifying market position.

Restructured and deleveraged product portfolio – online only.

Business turnaround – loss making, in debt into cash positive and profitable.

Launched Irish office, new products; grew to #1 in market.

Business Turnaround – outperformed market by 18%, productivity up by 50%.

Restructuring loss-making exporter – invested in people and markets; £400K to £3.6mil in 6 years.

Sectors served

  • Consumer goods and services
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Government contractor
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical
  • Manufacturing, industrial, infrastructure
  • Not for profits
  • Technology and communications
  • Utilities and energy

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