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Fixing finance


Markets, products, customers and competition are constantly changing. CEOs and CFOs often focus on these critical issues, but finance loses control. Performance, reporting and business support falls behind.

CAIM experts identify the issues, move fast, and help transform the overall business.

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Make your finance function contribute properly

CAIM finance experts take a strategic and independent view. The process begins by looking at what the finance function should deliver for the business given its stage of development and the issues faced. CAIM finance experts map out the steps, agree priorities and identify resources required to achieve the outcome.

Importantly, your CAIM finance professional also follows through with implementation.

CAIM experts take a pragmatic, hands-on approach that delivers results and helps the business to succeed and prosper.

Are you suffering from one of these common issues?

  • Unplanned resource gaps caused by maternity leave, prolonged illness, or resignations. Your CAIM interim manager will quickly get up the learning curve of the industry and organisation, will keep the finance operation working as usual, while also looking for gaps and opportunities that are not always picked up by the existing teams. Your CAIM professional will help recruit and train the replacement and manage the handover.
  • Under performing finance functions. This could be from failings in basic accounting and controls – late or no management accounts, incorrect transaction recording, lack of reconciliations and the like. At the other end of the scale, we find finance teams which are delivering the right information at the right time, but not at the right cost or not adding value to the underlying business process. In these cases, more disruptive solutions are required, such as system replacements, outsourcing, shared services and LEAN transformation.

Get professional help

Each intervention will be tailored to your specific circumstances, and you can also access the CAIM network of specialists in business intelligence, cost management and many other finance skills.

Your CAIM professional will deliver improved performance, a genuine understanding of the forces driving profitability and growth within your business, identification of opportunities to maximise return on investment and a constant focus on achieving business objectives.

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