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The Irish Times reports on Ireland’s IPRO assets

“During the boom it was all about recruiting high-level stand-ins. Now it’s about using an interim manager’s skills to deliver business-critical objectives.”

Hiring executive talent on temporary basis gives companies experience they lack

The Irish Times, in a recent interview by Olive Keogh of CAIM’s founder and Chairman, Patrick Byrne, recognised the important role played in Irish business by independent professionals (IPROs) such as CAIM’s membership. This is a welcome acknowledgement by the Irish Times that IPROs are increasingly used by companies seeking to optimise their scarce finances. Olive Keogh’s article was titled “Interim managers can play range of critical roles.”
According to Pat Byrne: “Interim managers are the flirts of the C-suite. They go into an organisation for a short period of time to fill a particular role or take on a specific assignment and before things get serious they move on to a new relationship. The key difference between an interim manager and a consultant is that he or she becomes a member of the client company’s management team. They are there to determine and implement solutions, not give advice.”
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Read the full article in the Irish Times

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